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Home Insurance
What Is Right for You?

Recently we sent out some tips on how to prepare your home and property for hurricane season. Today, we talk about the right kind of insurance for your home. We have all seen the devastation that a big weather event can have on houses of any kind. Flooding is the number one danger in these cases. Having the proper coverage gives you peace of mind – especially when there is a natural disaster like a hurricane.

Travelers Insurance is a company with which we partner and that offers reliable and excellent service. Consider taking a look at them when shopping for good insurance.  Having adequate insurance can make a life-long difference in recovering after a disaster.

How to Help Prepare for a Hurricane

How to Create Lush Green Privacy
in and around your home

Areca Palms

If you are a buyer of a new home, you might find an area in your new yard where you have a direct view to the neighbors. Nothing wrong with neighbors, but having some privacy on your property is nice, too! Enter: The Areca Palm – it is lush and leafy and grows easily and fast in our moist hot Central Florida climate. Plant a few and soon you will have a verdant, lacy wall of privacy. 

The fun doesn’t stop there! Areca palms also grow well in pots inside, placed in well lit areas. Want some window privacy? Put a palm in front of it. Instead of heavy window treatments, the palm will let in the light but obscure the view into your house. 

If you are in the process of selling your home, the Areca palms are an easy and pretty fix for patchy yard areas and they will lend a touch of beauty and elegance to your home for showing. 

Where to Get Your Areca Palms

The lovely palm is offered in many places, but we would like to recommend Big Value Garden Center in Daytona Beach. Big Value has been in business for almost 60 years, so they really know their stuff. They will be able to advise and they offer an amazing array of plants that grow well in the Florida climate – among them, the Areca Palm! 

Referrals are how we build our business, and it is an honor to help you, your friends, and family with their real estate needs. 

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