One of the benefits to having a Realtor working for you is the safety of you and your home.  Now that there is a sign up in your yard complete strangers will pull up and want to talk to you about your home and ask you questions.  This can happen at the most inopportune times, catching you off guard when you are in your jammies dashing out for the mail or in a hurry trying to get the kids in the car to go to school.  The sign is there for a purpose: they can call me, your agent.



Talk to your kids and let them know that just because a real estate agent is taking complete strangers through their home, your kids should never let in strangers to see the house.


The Impatient Buyer


Scenario: Mr. Impatient Buyer drives up and down your road every time he’s in town, he sees the sign in the yard and wants to look at it today, NOW, since he’s right there sitting in front of it.  He isn’t working with a Realtor- if he was, they would make an appointment to see your home, they would pre-qualify him, and they-as license holding real estate agents- would accompany him through your home.  He calls the busy listing agent and gets the price and size information, is told that we need 24 hours notice to show and a promise to call back later in the day.  The listing agent (me) texts the tenant about showing it today, rather than tomorrow (who knows, it doesn’t hurt to ask) and continues on with her business.  Mr. Impatient Buyer has lunch, checks his phone several times, calls the Listing Agent and leaves a message.  He drives by the house again and now sees a car in the driveway. “Someone’s home!” He pulls up and rings the doorbell. The teenaged daughter, home from high school, answers. He asks to see the house. She figures that strangers are tromping through her home frequently now anyway, she’ll help and LETS HIM IN!  Later in the afternoon the Listing Agent calls him back with an appointment for the next morning, and finds out he “doesn’t like the house” and he’s “already seen it”.


1.NEVER let strangers, in your home.  This goes for Prospective Buyers and people who claim to Realtors. What you CAN do is refer them to the listing agent on the sign, and give them a card.  If they are pushy, they are only in town today, they have to see it now, refer them to the sign. Pre-screening everyone who comes through your door is just one way your Realtor will help keep your family and property safe.


2. Are you trained in real estate sales?  Do you know which questions to ask a Prospective Buyer? Do you know how to answer his questions?  First impressions of a property are a huge consideration for Prospective Buyers, which is one reason I like to get to the home first and turn on all the lights and make sure the temperature is nice.  In the example above, the home had hurricane shutters on half the windows keeping it cooler for the tenants. Some Buyers complained that the place was too dark, and yet a good agent would be able to anticipate and address that concern at the outset.


3. Pre-qualify Buyers. Is the Prospective Buyer actually able to buy your house or are they just curious? A good Realtor will be able to find out how motivated the Prospective Buyer is, if they are paying cash or if they are Pre-Approved with a lender.


4.Nowadays, with safety concerns being what they are, all people entering your home should have at least produced their identification and registered with the Realtor’s office.